Welcome to Bucharest! The capital of Romania, an eclectic city, full of contrasts, curiosity, and a very unique charm.

This article is for you if you want to explore Bucharest by yourself, but with all the knowledge of a local.

Let me be honest and upfront with you: Bucharest will NOT blow you away at first sight.
You will not be in awe and admiration walking along the main boulevards.

The food in most random restaurants might leave you wondering if you ended up in a cheaper part of Italy (pizza and pasta in most of the menus).
Okay, maybe just the heaviest building on the planet will impress you. Or maybe “impressed” is too much of a positive word for this context.

Just aimlessly walking around in Bucharest will not make you say “This is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen”. But WHY is that? Is Bucharest ugly, old and boring?

The truth is that… Bucharest is full of life, culture, and fun! But usually not in plain sight.

Traditional Romanian dishes many places claim to offer, but a few really cook them using the classical tasty recipes or put on a show (live concerts, dancing etc.)
The museums can be boring af for a world-traveler, but Ceausescu’s memorial house is one of the most fascinating residences I’ve seen in Europe.

Like any European city, you will find the Old Town, where locals and tourists mix well together. That’s super in plain sight and worth checking out.
But the best parties are not in the center.
The amazing summer gardens, with cocktail vibes till 3 am, are in what seems to be someone’s backyard, hidden from the curious eyes.
Oh, and as Bucharest is a pretty flat city, the best viewpoints are from rooftop bars.

Bucharest will surprise and delight even the toughest crowded, the most experienced traveler, the backpacker, or the weekend tourist. Because it has a little bit of everything, spread across the city, but hidden at a first glance.

This 2-days Bucharest eGuide is perfect for you if:

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