Brasov – one of the beautiful and popular cities in Transylvania

Transylvania holds some interesting mysteries and legends about vampires and, of course, Dracula. If you want to know more about this check out my article on Dracula Castle.
Now let’s get talking about Brasov. It’s a medium city located in the mountainside of Romania. It’s charming to visit and it gives you easy access to other amazing cities, medieval fortresses and natural sights to visit on your Romanian exploration trip.

I wrote a one-day guide about what to see in Brasov in case you are short on time. Practically the must-see spots in Brasov. You’ll find there info about how to get to Brasov from Bucharest.

Where to stay in Brasov?

As the city is pretty big, you might be wondering where to stay. Well, as a tourist, all the restaurants, bars and activities are happening in the center. More accurate, the area around Piata Sfatului / Sfatului Square. That is the area you want to be. So most accommodations I will recommend you are in that area or in walking distance from it.

I must say I take great pleasure in researching and comparing accommodations for all of my travels. I have this unlimited curiosity to check every property listed on Booking with an 8+ score. I look at rooms photos and be sure to see the bathroom images too, as the quality of a bathroom says a lot about the property. Try and change my mind!

After I choose my favorites I start to compare properties to the smallest of details: vibe, design quality, how beautiful the bathroom is, location, price, if there’s a breakfast option, even check out time. Things like this will drive insane a “normal” person. Not me, no. Call it perfectionism, call it dedication, call it FOMO. It is what it is. But you know what? You get to have this cool list of options where to book your stay in Brasov next time. And you can be sure I took care of your little subconscious FOMO thoughts. You are welcome!

Here we go with the list of cool Hotels and Aparthotels rooms to stay in Brasov. There are literally hundreds of beautiful properties to choose from. A bit overwhelming to see so many of them and to have to decide which to bring forward in this article.

I handpicked for you here some of the finest and even unique properties in Brasov. Going to start with luxurious hotels and gonna head on down to chic and cozy apartments, with surprisingly low prices (which you will need to check for yourself and your desired dates). As this article is covering all the budget range for accommodations in the central area of Brasov, from BO$$ style to backpacker, please enjoy your scroll.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kronwell Brasov Hotel

photo credit: Booking. com

Gotta say it, this is one of the sexiest hotels in Brasov. I think the picture explains it quite clear. I wouldn’t recommend this one if you are on a solo mission to explore Brasov. Just saying. And being Captain Obvious here, this hotel has a pool… and some state-of-the-art facilities, as they like to advertise. Sounds like a brag, but guess what, it’s not. The hotel has very good service and I really enjoyed my stay here, many many years ago (got much more expensive in the meantime.. damn inflation).

The only downside of this hotel is the location, far away from the center. But something tells me if you pick it is not for the location. Or for the free breakfast. Nor for the price.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hotel Aro Palace

photo credit: Booking. com

Hotel Aro has similar prices as Kronwell, but more starts, a better location, yet it’s less sexy (um…not sexy at all). You choose. At least has a nice view. I mean if you are on the lucky side. But the pool is bigger. And that’s better, right? Food looks really good, but that table cloth, yikes! And I love it how they proudly announce in the first paragraph they offer you FREE internet access. Yey!

Why is this “Palace” making it into my list? First of all, for its history. Being opened in 1939, as the landmark of the center of the city, it surely deserves an award for passing the test of time. Secondly, because it’s such a mix of eras. A communist building vibed mixed with royal ballroom size rooms. It has an 80’s modern decor and an indoor huge pool with a glass ceiling. Plus the fancy spa beauty treatments and gourmet dishes. It’s like luxury from different eras decided to have a meet-up at Aro Hotel and you are invited to watch. Once in a lifetime experience, I’m telling you.

⭐⭐⭐ SCHUSTER Boarding House

photo credit: Booking. com

And now, for my absolute favorite stay in Brasov, the hotel with the creepy weird name. Boarding House? Really? Someone should have told them it sounds like boarding school… and that’s not how you translate “pensiune”, which is what I’m sure they had in mind in Romanian language, but in English is Guest House. Anyways….

I’m totally mesmerized by its beauty of details, from the outside conservation and rehabilitation of this 1900s Art Nouveau building to the luxurious interior design and tasteful furniture choices, in the chrome brown overall decor. I mean, look at the size of that previous sentence I wrote and you will understand just how mindblown I am.

It’s right in the city center, with a free breakfast. Ah and a tiny rooftop with a glass elevator on it and some room windows that open to form a small balcony. Just don’t try to imagine and have a look and make a book-ing (I’m really bad at rhymes, sorry).

Villa Relax In style

photo credit: Booking. com

Firstly, Booking gave this place 4 encouragement points (formally called quality ratings). Secondly, someone should take better pictures of this place! It’s one of the few properties you find with big jacuzzies in the middle of the room, like in the movies. And from the pictures, you can barely tell. This is the only reason why this Villa made the list. It’s a super romantic, honeymoon-ish kinda vibe. Other than that… some room looks so kitschy that I closed the photos fast-fast. Next!

Le Petit Chalet – entire small villa

photo credit: Booking. com

This small villa for two gives off Bali vibes. It was a garden with so much privacy that the shower has a glass wall to the garden. How cool is that? In the garden, you can sunbathe or enjoy a glass of wine with your partner and star gaze. The only thing it’s missing is a jacuzzi on that big terrace.

Reading the description I learned that the villa has a kitchen, but the pictures fail to show it. Location is around 10-15 min walking time from the center, so that’s quite great. One thing I find amusing in the furniture choice is how the living room table has a Godfather-like chair and a filming director folding chair. I wonder who has to take which chair in a couple. 🤷‍♀️ If this place touched your romantic side check the price on Booking.

Aparthotel Casa Veche

photo credit: Booking. com

Casa Veche means Old House, but definitely looks like a new modern one! This aparthotel offers a few beautifully decorated apartments, with a living room and a kitchenette, very close to the city center. They look bright, spacious, cozy, with a dash of fanciness and cute touches (like the wooden horse rocking chair). And does anyone else get “Alice in Wonderland” vibes from that bathroom choice of pattern? 🤔

For many reasons I like it when I read at the specifications that it’s soundproof. 👌 And a coffee maker. But that’s just me. If you like this aparthotel as much as I do check it out on Booking.

⭐⭐⭐ CASA CHITIC -HOTEL SI RESTAURANT – Str. Johann Gott nr.7

photo credit: Booking. com

This Casa Chitic got me all confused for a second. As on Booking I found 2 properties with this name. With significantly different prices. That’s because actually there are 2 of them, on almost the same street. I chose you here the more expensive one! 😂

I really liked that there’s a window literally in the bed. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I know I haven’t! It’s small, ya, but the idea counts. And that other room’s ceiling is not a bad idea either.

Plus, the other Casa Chitic is the basic-sister. Even though the rooms in that one look clean and decently spacious, with modern walk-in showers and ugly-ass wardrobes, my issue with them is that I feel it’s the place where imagination goes to die. That’s all I’m gonna say. So better stick to the window in the bed one, but be sure it doesn’t come cheap.

⭐⭐⭐ Hotel Bella Muzica

photo credit: Booking. com

This is for the rustic lovers! The hotel calls it Neoclassical style, but for me, that’s just a fancy word not saying much. The asset of this one is the location. As center as the center can be. It overlooks the Sfatului Square, which is nice and noisy. But I guess you win some, you lose some.

As I enjoy reading all the little details I found myself amused by the fact that the hotel wrote in their description: an electric kettle is provided upon request. I wonder how many kettles were stolen before they decided to give them with a signature from the guest. 😂 I don’t even want to know how many towels a hotel “loses” every month. Souvenirs are important to some tourists I guess. Free and useful ones, apparently. I’m guilty myself of some branded hotel pencils… like from Kronwell, but please 🤫!!

⭐⭐⭐ Residence Hirscher Hotel

photo credit: Booking. com

The lobby area gives off such a cozy vibe, being bathed in the natural light. The rooms are modern and simply decorated, and walk-in showers are always my favorite. The attic rooms have these funny beams around the room, so be mindful of them when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night. But no worries, with a 24-hour front desk they will help you out with a head patch. You can also choose a normal room if you don’t trust your midnight senses.

Cuba Apartment

photo credit: Booking. com

Have you been to Cuba? Me neither (yet). But we can easily go to Cuba Apartament in Brasov. I love how spacious it is, right in the heart of the city. My attention was grabbed by the unique idea to transform an old house gas heater into bathroom furniture!

And then by the score of 10 on Booking. That’s rare! And as I like to read the In 22 reviews so far, only one was of a 9 mark, from a Mexican guy (lol the coincidence of Mexico being close to Cuba) who complained there was only one room, not two as advertised. And he was upset that if there were two couples there would have been a problem with sleeping space. Umm… I guess he just wasn’t curious where the stairs in that other room lead to. Maybe he thought they were an extravagant decor… not leading to a double bed area. I’m thinking he lived by the rule “curiosity killed the cap” and just did his best to stay alive. And the owner replay was like “there are two rooms and a kitchen”… in case he missed that one too. Good he found the bathroom. Hopefully.

Wood House Republicii 

photo credit: Booking. com

I picked this property as it’s exactly in the old town, on the main pedestrian street, in the middle of the action. It has a modern, fresh and minimalist decor and very good reviews. It doesn’t offer breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about what time to wake up.

It’s a great choice for a medium budget. And if you’ve noticed the wooden beams in the last few accommodations presented, that’s how you know they are in the old town. 😂 Most of the buildings are hundreds of years old and had this type of construction style. Now even though the owners renovated, they kept the traditional style.

SECRET Boutique Hostel

photo credit: Booking. com

I promised you accommodation suggestions for all budgets and styles. Here you go: a hostel. One of the best-looking ones I’ve seen in a while. Although admittedly, I haven’t stayed in many hostels in my travels, I am no stranger. They are very fun places and good opportunities to meet travelers from all over the place. Usually very young people, but definitely from diverse cultures.

What I like about this Secret hostel is this box and curtains design that offers the traveler privacy. Most hostels don’t have this and it’s all sorts of annoying. Plus the design looks modern and even the showers are beyond expectations. Having a kitchen is a great asset and comes in handy for backpackers. And cleanness is mentioned many times in the reviews. So if you are into hostels then this one is the best choice for you. Check it on Booking.

*all images used in this article are the property of either or the website of the hotel they represent. I only put them in a collage together to best illustrate the hotel’s looks and facilities.