Sinaia is one of the famous towns in the mountainside in Romania. Many Romanians and tourists visit it especially in the wintertime for skiing and snowboarding opportunities, as you can go up to 2000 meters.

But it offers a lot of summer attractions too, from castles and museums to hiking trails. Not to mention good traditional food and other amazing spots in the vicinity. Not to mention the fresh air and chilled atmosphere.

Famous spots to visit in Sinaia

🔹 Peles Castle + Pelisor Castle

Image source: Asif Salam Photography

This has to be the most important tourist attraction in Sinaia. Peles Castle is a jewel for castle lovers and even for those in love with architecture.
It was built for the royal family, with King Carol I in charge, in a Gothic-German architectural style (officially called Neo-Renaissance), as he was a descendent of the Hohenzollern German dynasty.
Its inauguration was held in 1883, although the construction began in 1873 and was officially finished in 1914. So let’s say it is roughly 140 years old. For more historical facts Wikipedia will do it justice.

The inside of the castle is absolutely stunning. Most rooms are quite dark, because of the decorative style, but others are surprisingly golden. You will find many different styles walking from one room to another.

Imag. source: 1&2 Deea Journey; 3: Asif Salam Photography
Monday closed
Tuesday [you can only visit the ground floor] : 9:15 am – the last entry at 5:15 pm
Wednesday: 10am – last entry at 5:15 pm (for ground floor)/ 4:30 pm (gr floor + 1st floor)/ 3:45 pm (gr floor + 1st and 2nd floors)
Thursday – Sunday: 9:15 am – last entry same as Wednesdays
*such a headache remembering this schedule LOL
Ground floor: 50 Lei/ adult
Ground and 1sr floor: 100 Lei/ adult
Ground and 1st & 2nd Floors: 150 Lei/ adult
*special offers for retired people, students and Euro Card <26

🔹 Pelisor Castle

image 1: & image 2:

This smaller, but very charming castle is part of the complex of buildings made around Peles Castle.
It was constructed by King Carol I for Ferdinand I, air to his throne, and his wife, Maria of Edinburgh (who becomes Queen Maria in 1914).
The construction of Pelisor began soon after Peles, in 1899 and finished it in 1902. Princess (at the time) Maria has a big say in the decoration of most of the rooms, especially her room, known as the Golden Chamber.

Monday & Tuesday closed
Wednesday: 10 am – last entry 4:15 pm
ThursdaySunday: 9:15 am – last entry 4:15 pm
30 Lei/ adult
*special offers for retired people, students
and Euro Card <26

🔹 Sinaia Park “Dimitrie Ghica”

Source image 1: Deea Journey; image 2: Asif Salam Photography

For hot summer days, a walk in this cozy and charming park seems like the best idea. It’s not too big, but it’s very well maintained.

Image source: casino Sinaia

At one end of the park, you will find Sinaia Casino, built by King Carol I, in 1913. It was a major attraction for all the famous and rich people in society, all the way until the communist regime took over (1940s).
Since then, the building serves as an event and conferences hall.
It can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday, with guided tours every hour from 10:15 am until 6:15 pm. The ticket is 10 Lei/ adult.

🔹 Sinaia Monastery

From the park, a beautiful trail through the forest is going to take you up to Sinaia Monastery. For a hard to understand reason, me and my friend, Adela, decided to climb a tree (2 meters above ground). The spot was so inviting that not even our not-made-for-a-hike outfits stood in the way. 🤷‍♀️

monastery sinaia dimitrie ghica what to do in sinaia romania

Coming back to the Sinaia Monastery, the holy settlement dates back to the 1690s. The monastery got its name after the Biblical Mount Sinai (and as most people know, it’s the mountain at which the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God).
During the summer, visitors can step inside the old church and the museum, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Fun fact: Sinaia, as a city was established in 1874, and was named as such after the Sinaia Monastery. I just like how his charming city has an indirect connection with a biblical landmark.

🔹 Stirbey Palace

Image source: Stirbey Palace

Another landmark of the city is the Stirbey Castle, an 1870s home to the wealthy Stirbey family.
After some greatly needed restoration, the place was opened to the public in 2015, as a museum.
Today it holds 5 accommodation rooms. The garden is host to a summer terrace and some occasional music recitals.

🔹 George Enescu Memorial House

Source image 1:; image 2:

George Enescu is considered to be one of the greatest musicians in Romanian history. But he was also world-renowned for his music, especially in America. The memorial house is very impressive, as the rooms are very well preserved. The central piece has to be the spiral staircase, but also the original piano Enescu used for most of his composing.

Visiting schedule: Monday & Tuesday it’s closed. Wednesday-Sunday: 9 am – 3:30 pm. Ticket: 10 Lei/ adult. Free entry every month on the 26th.

🔹 Teleferic Sinaia

Images: Asif Salam Photography

You just have to see the view from the cable cart! It’s absolutely breathtaking! From Sinaia, very close to the center, the cable cart takes you up to 1400 meters. There is a restaurant there, called La Ceaunu’ Crapat, but despite the location, it doesn’t have a view.
The ride up there it’s totally worth the money, and works perfectly for the saying “life is all about the journey, not the destination”.

Monday: first ride up at 10:30 am – last ride back to the city 4:45 pm
Tuesday-Sunday: first ride up 8:30 am – last ride back to the city 4:45 pm
45 Lei for return tickets/ adult & 25 Lei for kids

🥘 Where to eat in Sinaia

If hunger strikes you while visiting Peles Castle you don’t need to wait until you get back to the center. Carol Gastro Bierhaus is right there, waiting for you with great dishes at very reasonable prices (for the quality, not for the location). If the terrace is full and you need to take a seat inside, ask to go upstairs. It’s beautifully decorated.

Or what if you are hungry after the visit to George Enescu’s house? Very close by is Kuib Restaurant, with a minimalist woody design, the kind of place where you go to eat well, not take pictures for Instagram. Has pretty cheap prices and awesome reviews.

If you are driving around Sinaia and want to stop to eat, Taverna Sarbului is a great choice. It has many parking spots around and inside has a big capacity for hungry tourists. The menu is traditional Romanian and Transylvanian. And prices are quite good.

Eating in the center

Ramayana is an Indian restaurant. I really liked the food there and the prices are quite cheap. Not many seats available inside, but they have a terrace.

Restaurant WooD offers traditional dishes, but also pizza and vegetarian options. It has a terrace and a very cozy inside space, and the prices are very attractive.

Awesome spots around Sinaia

🔹 Cantacusino Palace

Images 1 and 3: Asif Salam Photography

Only 20 min. away from Sinaia by car, you can reach another beautiful 100 years old castle. It has private parking, for 5 Lei/3h. If you want to take the train, scheduled many times a day, it will take you less than 10 min. But then you need to walk for about 20 min.
Not only that, but also the view toward the mountains and the Caraiman cross si breathtaking. You can enjoy it with a coffee or a meal.

You can visit the beautiful rooms of the castle daily, from 10 am. The last entry is at 5 pm for Mon.-Thu., and 6 pm from Fri.-Sun. But as the tours are assisted by a guide, the schedule has fixed entry times. Check it out here. The ticket is 30 or 40 Lei per person, depending on the tour length you want.

🔹 Caraiman Monastery

image: travelblog

Also in Busteni, with the same amount of time to reach by car or train from Sinaia, you cand visit Caraiman Monastery. It is one of the biggest Orthodox Monasteries in Romania, where monks live, but 100 rooms are rentable for the believers (they need to participate to the religious service.

🔹 Monastery Cave Ialomitei

image 1: Adevarul; image2: dbonline

Is it worth 1h drive from Sinaia? I would definitely say so! It’s a unique sight to visit and a great opportunity to see not one, but two caves (Zalmoxe cave is very close by).
Ialomitei cave is very well organized to be safely visited.
You can go inside the cave daily, from 9 am until 4 pm (from October to April) and until 6 pm (from May to September). The ticket is 10 Lei for adults and 5 Lei for kids. Wear some warm clothes, as no matter the season the temperature inside is around 4 degrees Celsius (40F.)

Where to stay in Sinaia

There are so many options to choose from. I will start with some very good budget stays and some studios perfect for 3-5 people traveling together. Then some hotels.

  1. Casa Shiro – budget stay, clean and minimalistic, 10 min away by walking from the center.
  2. Vila Nobila – another budget stay, beautiful and cozy, with a balcony.
  3. Expecto Apartments  – a few studios and apartments to choose from. Some can accommodate up to 4 people.
  4. Vila Wendy – entire floor 2 bedroom apartments, perfect for groups of 3-5 people. It has 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

5. Oblique – Forest & Spa ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a hotel to take a picture of even if you don’t want to stay. It’s modern and comfortable, offers free parking and has a superb breakfast included.
6. Hotel Marea Neagra ⭐⭐⭐ – located only a few minutes away from Peles Castle, this hotel is very comfortable, with a decent price and a good view. Guests are happy for the free parking and the very good breakfast.
7. Hotel Sinaia ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – If you love having a pool at the hotel, spa and fitness center, this one is for you. It’s central and very beautifully decorated.

Enjoy your visit or your stay in Sinaia!