Should you visit Brasov?

Hello, traveler! Brasov is one of the cities of Romania you keep hearing you should visit. Right? But is it worth visiting it? Every tourist I talked to thinks the answer is definitely yes! And I agree. It’s a pretty small charming city, in the mountainside. In this article, I’m going to tell you the must-see spots in Brasov, so in case you only have one day in this Romanian city you know exactly where to go.

How to get to Brasov from Bucharest?

If you have a car or rented one it will take you around 3 hours. Just follow the GPS to Titulescu Park, because all around it you can find parking spots. You will be just next to the old town, which is a pedestrian area. Almost every parking spot you find in the center will be paid, so you need to send a text message or pay online (more details here or use TPark app).

► You can take the train from Bucharest North Railway Station. It will take you about 2 and a half hours to get to Brasov, with many trains going there daily. Check the schedule on the website Mersul Trenurilor to find all the train companies operating here. You will easily see how long each train takes.
By clicking “details” on each train you can check the prices (between 25 and 49 lei).

► Another option is to use the Bla Bla Car App and see if there is anyone going to Brasov on the day you need. On this route usually, you are gonna find many rides. While this is an interesting option to have in mind, as you can meet people, it also can be tricky. I’m saying this because the starting and the ending spots of the journey might not be ideal for you or you can’t know how punctual and good a driver the person is.
Anyway, keep it in mind as an alternative. Price-wise, it’s gonna be the same as the train, but maybe you make a friend and also you help a person out by reducing the gas costs.

What to see in Brasov in a day?

Without further due (but in the hopes you have lovely weather when you visit) let me walk you through the main spots to see in Brasov.

🔹 Go up Tampa Mountain for a full view of the city

I am mentioning this one first because the view is breathtaking, a panoramic viewpoint over the city. And also because the operation hours of the Teleferic are until 4 pm. You will get exactly behind the Brasov letters and the view is worth it for sure!

🔹 Walk around the City Center, near Piata Sfatului.

Walk around the streets in that area, grab an ice cream, a Kürtőskalács desert or have a meal at the terrace or a restaurant that feels the most inviting to you. In most places, you will find traditional Romanian dishes and Hungarian ones.

While in this area check out Biserica Neagra (Black Church), the biggest gothic church in Romania. Apparently, it got the name after a fire in the 1680s which made its outside walls look very dark.
So how old is this building? Well, more than 500 years old. It was constructed starting with 1383, and because of the various wars and invasions, it was actually declared finished around 1477.

You can visit the church for 15 Lei ticket entrance, but photos are not allowed. The entrance is where you see the tall tower in the first picture.

🔹 Strada Sforii (String Street)

The narrowest street in Romania and the 3rd narrowest in Europe. It has only 1,1m – 1,3m wideness and it’s 80m long. I guess it’s worth a walk, especially because it doesn’t feel so claustrophobic, as you can see the sky and buildings are not that tall. Just be careful not to miss the entrance!

🔹 Turnul Alb (the White Tower) and Turnul Negru (the Black Tower)

These two towers are situated on the heels and give you a nice view over the city center. Plus the trail to them is a bit thru the woods, so it makes a nice (and easy) walk. The towers are part of the old fortified medieval city, from somewhere around the 1540s.

All these places will take you some time to visit, plus enjoy some rest and nice views here and there. Plus stopping for lunch or dinner (or both) will make your day a full one. And you can say you had a feel of Brasov.

Where to eat in Brasov?

🍴 Sub Tampa

Romanian cuisine with a twist of ingenuity, in a fancy, but cozy set-up, at the base of the forest. Prices are medium to high and most dishes are meat-based (see menu). Indoor and outdoor seating.

🍴 La Ceaun – Weiss & Piata Sfatului [2 locations, same menu]

Traditional food from the cuisine of Romanians and Hungarians. Mostly meat-based dishes, at good prices.
This type of cuisine is definitely not for vegetarians. You can find just some different types of spreadable, soup, polenta with cheese and a mushroom pie and that’s about it. Oh, and desserts, of course!

Very good Romanian dishes you will find at the popular restaurant Sergiana (usually you need to call for a reservation).

🍴 Luther Brasserie & Lounge

International dishes and a variety of cocktails. You will be surprised how low the prices are, especially for the beautiful location and tasty dishes.

🥢 Sushi Han

Craving some sushi? How about a ramen or a tom yum soup? Noodles? The menu has all the asian food you would desire, at great prices and very good quality.

Where to go for ☕ Coffee, 🍰 cake & sweets, 🍦 ice cream

There are so many options in Brasov, that’s for sure. Here are a few ideas.
A very good coffee at the best price in town is from 5 to go (where most of the beverages are 5 lei). It has two locations, at each end of the old town area. Other coffee places are Tekafe and First Cup, with higher prices, but very good reviews.

For traditional Romanian sweets (biscuits, slices of cakes) visit La Vatra Ardealului, as it has very good prices.
At Saray you will find Turkish delights and baklava.

You will find the Hungarian chimney cakes (Kürtőskalács) in a few locations in the city (look for a cart parked somewhere central). But if you want it filled with chocolate, ice cream or even salty combinations (like mac & cheese for example 🤷‍♀️) head out to Good Food Coffee & Bakery (a bit pricy for the size of it).

For a natural and tasty ice cream, you should visit Yummy Gelato or Emma la Dolce.

𓀀 Do you want a guided Transylvania tour with pickup from Bucharest?

In case you want to do a day trip from Bucharest to Brasov, but also get to see other cool spots and famous castles in Transylvania, I am recommending you these following tours. I researched them all and these I think are the most interesting and worth your while for a day trip:

𓁐 Staying longer in Brasov?

If you are into museums you can get a Brasov Visit Ticket, for 52 lei for 1 adult (discount for students and retired) and visit 11 museums. Buy it online and check out the places on the list.

Also, there are many cool tours you can do with Brasov as a start point. Check them out on GetYourGuide by clicking the image below. It’s my affiliate account, which means if you book anything l receive a small recompensation, with no extra expense from you. Thanks! 🥰 And Enjoy Brasov!

𓀻 Where to stay in Brasov?


There are so many beautiful accommodations, both in hotels and also in private apartments. I check them out on Booking. com.