In Bucharest, there are 2 airports. At the moment in use is only one, called Henri Coanda International Airport, but we know it also as Otopeni Bucharest Airport (the name of the neighborhood it is in). That’s why the airport code is OTP.
The second airport is called Baneasa International Airport and has been closed since 2012, but it has been recently renovated and it is said it’s going to open in 2022 (I will update the info here when that happens).

So when you are at Henri Coanda Bucharest Airport and to get to Bucharest center you have 3 public transport options:

Option 1: Train

The cheapest & fastest way. The train station is just in front of Arrivals. The train goes to Bucharest North Train Station, every 40 minutes, nonstop. A ride takes only 25 minutes.

To check the timetable go on CFRcalatori website and type and select at Departure: Aeroport Henri Coanda and at Arrival: Bucuresti Nord (as shown in the image below).


You can pay the ticket (5 lei – that’s 1 euro) by card in a machine on the station, but also there is one in the trains. You can pay cash (LEI) to the train controller, who is going to come after the train leaves.

It would be best to exchange in the airport 10 euro/dollars to LEI, just to have cash with you until you get to the center, where exchange rates are much much better, Don’t waste your money in the airport exchange.

From North Train Station (in Romanian is Gara de Nord) – the location on maps here – you need to find your way to your accommodation. Use Google Maps to guide you, it’s doing a good job to show you all the public transport ways and accurate locations. Or take an Uber or a Bolt ride. Don’t take the taxies you find in front of the station as they will overcharge you.

Option 2: Bus

You will find a bus stop in front of Arrivals and also in front of Departures.
The ticket costs 3 LEI, with a 90 min availability after validation in the bus. This means you can hop on another bus or trolley or tram, in case you need to. Just validate the ticket every time you get on a new transport.
You can buy it at the desk (small kiosk next to the bus stop). It’s called Metropolitan ticket and it’s only for above-ground means of transport.
You can get a Metropolitan and Subway ticket for 5 lei, with variability of 120 min.

Bus line 783

Bus number 783 comes every 40 minutes, with a non stop schedule.
It takes you to the city center, stopping at Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii, Piata Unirii. You can see the bus route here.

* You might see online, in some old articles about bus lines 780 and 784, from the airport to Bucharest. These lines have been canceled.

Option 3: Taxi

By taxi I actually mean UBER and Bolt. You can also use FreeNow. Don’t take the taxis waiting outside of the airport as they might overcharge you.
Price by UBER, as an example, to the city center can be between 60 and 100 lei. It depends on your exact destination, but especially on the time of the day. Rush hours can affect this price and the duration. It can take 30 to 50 minutes.

In the Arrivals hall, you will also find a machine to call for a taxi, which is a safe way to do so in case you don’t have internet on your phone. When you order you can select the taxi company (you see the prices per km) and if you want to pay cash or card. You will get a paper ticket with the time until the taxi comes and the car number. Wait for it just outside, in front of Arrivals.

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